27 rejections.

Yesterday I met with Will and his family. Will was diagnosed as being on the Autism Spectrum when he was around 2 years old.

His parents tried to get him into school and were repeatedly told "no".

27 times in fact.

I think we have all been rejected at least a few times in our life and can most likely agree that this is devastating to say the least.

Will is intelligent, sociable, and a bright light in this world. He likes to play with Lego, like most children, and adores the outdoors.

After much persistence and a "shift" in approach from his mother, Will now attends mainstream school here in Dubai.

His Mom Lisa explains "It started to get tiring and frustrating having so many doors closed, so I started to think and approach things differently. I started to ask schools what facilities they had, and if their training was adequate and up to date to be able to nurture my child"

Will has a sister Issy, and when I asked her about her brother she said "Will's brain works differently to ours. He has a great imagination".

How wonderful would it be if we could all understand facts like these so simply and easily as children do? Thank you Issy!!!

When I asked Will's father Joe what he would want people to know about Will he lit up and said "Expect the unexpected. Will's potential is huge, but sharing what he knows will always be on his terms. I have always been confident he was capable of much more than what we were told he would achieve. Giving Will the tools to bring out his potential makes me happy."

Of course there have been challenges.

"In the beginning, I felt out of control" says Lisa, but they all agree that as time goes on, there is light at the end of the tunnel and Will has proven that he can do so much more than what others expected of him.

Thank you Will and family for letting us come into your world.