Meet Ibrahim, his Mom Sherine, Father Basim, and brother Dawud.

Please take a moment to read a mother's perspective on her most extraordinary son....

1) Tell me a bit about Ibrahim?

Ibrahim is very gifted socially, and will make friends literally everywhere, and because of him I have met some amazing people!

He also picks people to befriend. It's never a random choice in my opinion, I think he has a sixth sense as weird as that sounds. I always say if Ibrahim likes someone then that person is good! He's like my filter somehow..

2) What has been the biggest social challenge in Dubai having a child with Down syndrome?

The biggest challenge for us in Dubai was definitely education, mainstream schools need to change their perceptions and provide more awareness. Ibrahim was mainstreamed in his early years and he did extremely well. I always found that any problems we faced were not with the children but with the teaching staff and some parents of other children.

3) Ask Dawud to describe his brother please?

If you ask Dawud about his brother, he will say that Ibrahim is magical!!! He can always get things to work wink emoticon !!

4) What do you want the world to know about Ibrahim?

I"d like people to look beyond his features, he has so much kindness to give and is just like any boy his age. He gets upset and has his moods. If schools just gave him a chance perhaps they could learn a few things. The world would be such a better place if they the schools were more open minded.

Sherine and her family have recently relocated to Bahrain. If you happen to see them around, please say hello! They are a gorgeous family!!!