This evening I met a with a beautiful lady and her two sons, one who happens to bear the label of Autism.

As this project is just starting, I didn't take many photo's just yet. I wanted to sit and listen to what she had to say and observe her children and the environment.

I felt so much comfort in many ways as I realised we are more alike than different. We talked about many concerns, and there was much alignment in our hopes and fears.

Meet Ethan.

His Mom Donna told me that he likes to "collect things". When I inquired as to what he likes to collect, Donna showed me his box of cleaning supply bottles, in many different colours.

"He likes Dettol and has to have a bottle in every colour. Then it was toothpaste boxes. He had a bottle of Comfort and I threw it out as his box of bottles was overflowing."

Ethan came home from school and asked "Comfort? Blue? Where??" straight away.

I wanted to connect with Ethan, and I have never met a kid yet that doesn't like to take a photo or two.

I handed him my iPhone and he started snapping pics straight away of his treasures.

Comfort, and toothpaste boxes. He was flicking through my editing tools on the phone and decided on black and white photos.

When I asked Donna what would she want people to know about Ethan this is what she said.

"Please don't underestimate Ethan because of his label"